Mr. Spock

Leonard Nimoy was supposed to live for 300 years. Surely he should have enjoyed some of the longevity imparted by his father’s genes. The quintessential survivor. Godspeed.

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“How to become more feminine”

mainstream that shit

You know that time you looked up synonyms for “responsibility” and you were reminded of how fucking sexist the internet can be?

Capture (2) Fuck you Google dictionary.

Oh wait, that was just me… But I’ll bet you run across shit like this sometimes and just shake your head. *Sigh* “Oh internet…”

However, as much as I want to barf when I encounter these little nuggets of archaic bullshit, I also like to share them. “LOOK!” I’ll say, “Look at how RIDICULOUS it is!” Why? Because there’s a pretty big gap in lived experiences between men and women, and when it comes to explaining how women experience sexism, the only way we can make well-meaning naysayers understand what sort of toxic shit is out there is to show them (and sometimes even that doesn’t work).

Another good reason to point this stuff out to your friends is so you can be reminded that your friends are awesome…

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