Clean Your Room. Not Our History.

Worth reading and re-reading and re-reading. I’m so proud of those Jefferson County kids.

RiverHouse Chronicles

This simple sculpture at the bottom of the ocean raises several questions. It is a memorial to those who were thrown overboard during the Middle Passage. Some call for our history to be scrubbed of all references that slavery was a “bad thing”. They want us to pretend that we never interred the Japanese or wiped out the Native American population. They say we must do this so that our children are protected from finding out anything bad about America. They say this would be a “good thing”. It won’t. America is a great country that has done horrific things. Pretending we didn’t do them only increases the chance that we might do them again in the future. That is not a chance we should take. No matter how much better it makes some of us feel. It is a violation of everything America claims to stand for.

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